Sunday, August 28, 2011


So, as you all know, my family and I took a much needed vacation to Florida. It was absolutely AMAZING!!! I had a blast just traveling! The vast difference in terrain along the East Coast is just amazing!! I have to say, I think my favorite state is Virginia. It's absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!! I can't even describe the majest of the mountains and the beauty of the rivers and valleys. I have a friend there that told me "It's God's country" and I have to agree, although it's ALL God's country. Just beautiful! Part of Virginia being my favorite state is the fact that I didn't see South Carolina or Georgia in the day time;-) I won't bore you with all the boring details of my trip, I'll just share a few pictures :-)

Oh! I'll share these details because they're NOT boring!!!! The Archer's and the Johns' are AMAZING people!!!! God has surely blessed their churches with caring pastor's and pastors' families! Both families were so incredibly hospitable to us, and I can't thank them enough for the kindness and for welcoming us with open arms. The chuch families of thetwo preachers are AWESOME and the good teaching they've had over the years shows BRIGHTLY. At both churches we were hugged and told how much they appreciated us. I even got the Hispanic kiss on the cheek from one sister. Love you, Becca;-) Just AMAZING!!!

BEAUTIFUL mountains in Virginia!

*Gag* I ate Gator tail!!!! It actually tasted pretty good, but the batter they fried it in was really salty, almost as salt as the ocean, but it made me nauseous thinking about what I was actually eating.

They're gonna just love me for this pic, but my family at Busch Gardens.

This might possibly be the cutest thing I've ever seen!! A baby cheetah was out playing with it's doggie friend, and it was sooooo cute!!! Believe or not, that cheetah was as big, or bigger, than a full grown lab or retriever/hound mix, and the cheetah is 6 months! omw! So cute!!!!

Really cool wall somewhere in one of the Virginias

*Ugh* Dinner from the night before.

Riding down the big hill on the Log Flume. We. Got. DRENCHED!! I was NOT Happy!!!!! lol My hair looked like I stuck my finger in a light socket for the rest of the day. Ugh!=/
He looks so cute and innocent when he's sleeping. Aww!! :-)

The one sleeping looks cute--the one standing by me, however, is VICIOUS looking! They're just UGLY and mean! That one was stalking back and forth just itching to get out and eat the little children that were walking back and forth in front of him.

Bad pic of me, BEAUTIFUL pic of my cousin, Melissa:-) She's 8 months pregnant and absolutely adorable, and so sweet!!! :-) Her and her husband gave us a wonderful breakfast!

Ya'll have no clue how hard it was to get the pic. First we had to get the lighting right, then we had to get the poses right, then we had to get the aim right....oh my! It was a hassle! Did I mention that I had to jump up and push the button, then run back to the couch and act like I'd been sitting there?

Melissa, Jason, and Lucy, and Baby Baldwin :-)

The lighting in this picture is kind of off, but I LOVE it!! These girls are just wonderful! It's Rebecca (the Hispanic who kissed me;]), Jamie Johns, me (duh!) Lucia, and Stephanie Johns, the Johns' daughter-in-law.
Jonathan, Tommy, and Joshua.

Tommy. The guy that's like the gentle giant. That guy is SOOO tall!! Se where my shoulder is?? I had on FOUR INCH HEELS!!! And then the hair is like another 4-5 inches and I'm still shorter!!! lol The average sized guy looks like a midget when I'm in high heels with tall hair;-)

Tommy and Elder Bro. Johns, the "grandpa" of the church. Such a SWEET elder!!! :-)

Stephanie and me---I love her!!!!!

Stephanie and her husband, Bro. Jesse Johns.

Bro. Johns and Daddy after some good food and fellowship!

My mom and Sis. Johns. We learned something neat when we were in Miami. Sis. Johns' sister, Becky, is the one who witnessed to my mom, helped her pray through to the Holy Ghost, and gave her her first Bible study!

Sis. Johns and me! She is easily one of the sweetest people I've ever met! I fell in love with her very quickly. She is a true lady :)

Daddy in Bro. Archer's church. He preached a GREAT message!!!!

Dakota and his new-found friend, Jonathan. I'm glad he had fun!

Friday, August 19, 2011

10 ways I'm viewed

10 Words You Would Use to Describe Yourself:

1) Christian

2) Lonely

3) Friendly

4) Happy

5) Content

6) Loving

7) Compassionate

8) Talkative

9) Blessed

10) Flawed

10 Words a Stranger Would Use to Describe You:

1) Happy

2) Friendly

3) Bubbly

4) Snobby (until they meet me)

5) Crazy

6) Christian

7) Outgoing

8) Long-haired

9) Modest

10) Conservative

10 Words Your (Blog) Readers Would Use to Describe You:

1) Unfaithful

2) Crazy

3) Descriptive

4) Long-winded

5) Insightful

6) Senseless

7) Cheery

8) Talkative

9) Promoter-of-other's-blogs

10) Compassionate

10 Words Your Friends & Family Would Use to Describe You:

1) Loving

2) Opinionated

3) Compassionate

4) Lover of God

5) Silly

6) Talkative

7) Annoying

8) Cheerful

9) VERY girly (been told that a lot recently lol)

10) Lover of my family and friends

and for bonus points …

10 Words God Would Use to Describe You:

1) Obedient

2) Submissive

3) Easily molded

4) Passionate

5) Forgiven

6) Flawed

7) Loved

8) Valuable

9) Thankful

10) Needy

If ya'll have any other ways you see me, please do tell!! :-) Good or bad ;-)

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Well ya'll, we are about to take our annual vacation. And this year, the lucky state that gets us as tourists iss.....FLORIDA!!!! I am soooooooo excited!!!! Crazy, right? It's just a vacation, right? Nothing special, just going to a beautiful sunny state that most of America has visited at one time or another. WRONG! This is my first REAL vacation this year. Yes, back in July we went to Albion, but for me that wasn't really a vacation. Had some major life decisions hanging over my head that I made at Camp, soooo it wasn't really a "break" from life at all. So, going to Florida is gonna be my little time of rest and relaxation before school starts. Oh, and something else that makes this trip extra special is the fact that I've never been to Florida, OR seen an ocean!! We are going to Fort Lauderdale and Miami so we'll be very close to the ocean, and no doubt will go to the beach. *Squeals* Eeeee!! So excited!!!!! Anyways, I'll try to get LOTS of pictures to post when I get back!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

My heart

My heart.........

Thursday, August 4, 2011


1. Do you have siblings and are you close with them?

I have two siblings-My 21 year old sister, Elissa, and my 13 year old brother, Dakota. I would consider myself close to them, but in different ways. I think I will get even closer to them both in the coming years. Something that is SO sweet with my brother is how he has turned into being a compassionate little boy. I'm not gonna lie....there are days when I want to ship him off to a desserted island and he drives me CRAZY, but other days we are super close and he's so loving! I spent three days at a friends house, and last night he hugged me and was like "I just wanna hug my sister!" And then Elissa....well we are just close and we miss each other since she's moved out! lol

2. Would you rather be slightly UNDER weight or slightly OVER weight?

Hmmmm that's a hard one! Right now I'm overweight....I dont think I've ever been UNDERweight...Sooo.....I think probably overweight. Even though I'm overweight right now I don't look bad and I feel just fine.

3. What's your favorite State Fair food to splurge on?

I would have to agree with my MAMA. Funnel cake is AMAZING!!!! I get it almost every time we go to the fair....mmmmm so good!

4. What are your thoughts on your kid(s) going to school in a few weeks?
Well since I'm the one going to school, I'll answer it from my point of view. I'm soooo excited!!! Again, like my Mom said, this is mine and my brothers first year in public school. It's exciting!! I'm thrilled!

5. Pool or Ocean? '
DEFINITELY the pool!!!!! Nothing has died in it.....there aren't all kinds of animals eating one another in chance of jelly fish lol I like swimming in a pool! Lol

Have a great weekend everyone!