Friday, January 20, 2012


As a disclaimer, I do not intend for my blog to become a place to vent. But for this moment, and because I think it's an important topic, I'm going to vent a little.

One thing I absolutely, positively HATE, is RUDE people!!! I can't stand it! It drives me absolutely crazy! Especially rude teenagers. Who gave you the right to be mean to me?? Who gave you the right to get an attitude with your teacher just because she's doing her job?? And who gave people (mostly girls) to sit in their high pedestals and tear other girls to pieces verbally??

Yesterday I was on the bus and I wrote a message on the window. A girl in the back of the bus asked what I said, so I told her, and this girl sitting diagonal and a seat back goes, "Oh, you're cool." This isn't the first time she's done this. She sits and listens to my conversations, then she talks to her sister about them, and really doesn't care if I hear her mocking me. I'm not a stuck up person. I don't care if people listen to me, but I HATE it when people are rude. The only time I've ever spoken to EITHER of them is when I wished them a happy birthday, and the one day like half the bus was having the same conversation, including them. So yeah. Example 1 of a rude person.

Example Number 2. I was walking to my locker today and this....*ahem* small child, aka FRESHMAN, ran into me. This wasn't the first time this child has done this. And it makes me upset. I know that accidents happen and people bump into each other, eSPEcially in a crowded hall, but with him it's just carelessness. He walks without looking where he's going and pretty much just goofs off and expects everyone to make way for him. And it really bothers me. Today my temper got the best of me a little. He ran into me, than stood there like pushing on me, WHILE STILL FACING BACKWARDS, and expected me to move. I *shifty, ashamed eyes* shoved him with my arm and was like "Watch out, Kid!" He's like "YOU watch out." that's all I said, and I'm ashamed to say I did get angry. I got to my locker and my adrenaline was was an interesting experience.

But I just told you about those two kinds of people to tell you not to be rude. It makes people around you upset. Some of the nicest people at school are the people I like most. People that smile and are really friendly and happy and sweet are my very favorite people in the whole world. Just do something nice---Smile, and be polite. If you're a rude person, you have no clue how many people would like to give you a piece of their mind. So be nice!!! :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Stay Strong

Well everyone, I started a new blog! It's called "Stay Strong" and it's pretty much for all of us Apostolic/Pentecostal young people. Of course ANYONE is welcome to visit, but my posts will be aimed towards people my age. Whether it be modesty, witnessing, or experiences, I hope that it will be an encouragement. So, please stop over and show some love! The web address for it is And I know that's like SO long but I couldn't think of anything else, and it's easy to remember.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Hey I'm back!

....Ahem.....hey! Over here. Yeah.....I"m that blogger that you forgot has a blog. I'm also the blogger that forgot I have a blog....Sorry!!! It seems to be a reoccuring trend with me. Blog faithfully for a while, big event happens, I stop blogging for a few months. I'm not even going to apologize though! I have been busy being!!!

I have started public school, and honestly, I love it!!! It has been somewhat of an adjustment for me. Not really a culture shock, but I have been introduced to the "real world" in the sense that I have discovered what people really are. They backbite, the spread rumors, they are two-faced. They act like they're your friend, than talk about you right in front of your face to someone else about how much they don't like you. BUT-It's life, and I realize that. No, it's not something I WANT to happen, but guess what---IT DOES! I have discovered this, and now I just live with it. In the worlds of my father, "I live a life where the only thing they can say bad about me is 'that girls thinks she's better than everyone----she won't talk bad about other people.'" That has been my goal since that conversation. I want the only "fuel for their fire" to be that I'm "that Jesusfreak" (YES! someone said that about me, and I LOVE IT!) or that I'm that girl that is friends with all the weird people.

It's now the new year, and a few of my "Resolutions" are quite simple. I'm actually not much of a "resolution" or "goal" kind of person. But, my resolutions for this new year are very straightforward. 1-Faithfully invite, and bring people to church. 2. Keep my GPA at 3.5 AT LEAST. 3. Get IN SHAPE!! Yes, round is a shape, but I'd rather not be round;-)
Do you have any resolutions?