Friday, February 11, 2011

First date

Well everyone, I went on my first date!! My dear, and very loved date, asked me out about two weeks ago. We were sitting at McDonald's eating and my date asked me out. We were talking about how I've never been to Chick Fila and she said something along the lines of, "I should take you there for Valentine's Day." date was with my best friend! Well, my best friend, her mom and sister, and my sister=) We had sooo much fun!

First we went to Chick Fila...the food was delicious, by the way! The Chick Fila sauce was soooooo good!! I can't even describe it! It was so yummy with their waffle fries!=D
Then we headed over to Ollie's, TJ Maxx, Michaels and then hit the much fun!! I could go on and on and on but you get the first "date" was with my best friend and we had so much fun!!!=D

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hey everyone! I have my playlist set to start automatically, so if you want to listen to the song I posted without the music overriding it you can scroll to the bottom of the page and turn it off=)

In God we STILL trust!

Just a few minutes ago I got a forwarded email from a dear friend that read:

The song you are about to listen to is from a Las Vegas Diamond Rio concert. They received an immediate resounding standing ovation, and continue to do so every time they perform it!
Sadly, major radio stations wouldn't play it because it was considered 'politically incorrect'.
Consequently, the song was never released to the public. Now Congress is getting involved.

The President is saying that it is not fit for release because it offends so many. (so many who????)
See what you think...
If this offering speaks to your heart and you feel you want to share it with friends and loved ones, please do so.

Now I'm not really into country music....but I have to admit that some of the best patriotic songs are country songs. This song is well worth listening to!! No matter how "politically incorrect" this song is, in GOD we still TRUST!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Well everyone, I just have to take a minute to wish the most beautiful, and wonderful lady I know a happy birthday!!=)

This woman has raised three children, (four including the big child she married *cough cough*) has her own Ebay business, helps lead the youth groups, has an amazing singing voice, and has a successful blog and website.

One of the children she raised has made it past teenage years and is now into adulthood, one of the children (me) is still in the terrible teen years, and one is about to be in the teen years. But she's brought us all to the places we are without even breaking a sweat.

She is a compassionate of the most compassionate I've seen. She's a good listener and gives wise advice. A friend told me the other day, "Your mom is amazing! She listens to all my griping and complaining and doesn't judge me."

I can honestly say that I have a wonderful relationship with my mom. She makes it easy for me to talk to her. When I come to her with a problem, I know she's not gonna scold me or get upset. She just listens and tries to help me.

My parents have one of the best marriages I've ever seen. They know how to communicate, and the only time I've ever heard them raise their voices is if my dad is being his silly self. He "yells" at us, but it's all in fun. Again, I can honestly say I've only seen him angry like one time. If any of you know my dad you know what I'm talking about=) But with mom and dad, they have a wonderful marriage! My mother is a wonderful example of a submissive wife, but she's also the wife that can give good advice and help her husband make decisions. I love both of my parents;-)

So anyways, today is my beautiful and amazing Mama's birthday! You all should stop over to her blog,, and show her some love on her birthday!=)