Monday, March 28, 2011

Mushy stuff!!


The word to some people means the little furry creature that they go home to and feed, water, and pet. It's the little kitty cat that paws at the bedroom door at 5 o'clock in the morning, and once let in, jumps on the bed purring and licking her owner's face. Then, to others, it's the dog that anxiously awaits his master's return after a long day. As soon as the door is opened, the man's best friend is wagging his tail and jumping up and down.

To other people, *ahem* Wayne and Angela, Kristi and Duane to name a few *ahem* love is the man or woman that they met, (or re-met after 20 years) and now couldn't live their life without. It's knowing that you have someone who is committed to you, that cares about you, that accepts you for who you are no matter what, that loves you, who will always be there for you, and who gives their heart and life to you, and wants to spend forever with you. To some other people, it's the man or woman that you have spent every day with for 39 years. It's the security in knowing that you have all you've ever wanted, of sharing 4 kids together, of having 11 grandkids.

And then, to some other people, love is the sticky faced little babies that raise their arms to you to be held. At all hours of the night, the baby wakes up, crying for Mama, and then once Mama has taken care of them, the little smile that lights up their face as they talk to Mama and play. As the years progress, the love that some people experience puts up with attitudes, temper tantrums, broken bones, and spends a lot of hours listening to their child cry, and tell Mom about their broken heart. It's the father that teaches his son how to be a man, how to provide for a family, how to care about someone else and be selfless.

I was sitting here today, and the thought hit me, that if every person in the world was in love in some sort of way, the world would be a much, much happier place! If each person had at least one person that made them the happiest person in the world, there wouldn't be so many problems! There wouldn't be so many people that walk out and go crazy, shooting people because of the darkness in their heart. I look around and see people that are in love with each other, like Kristi and Duane, Wayne and Angela, my mom and dad, grandma and grandpa. They are all so in love with another person. Kristi and Duane met, and fell in love so quickly. It was like they were always meant to be together, and it's like they've known each other forever. Wayne and Angela were separated by life and both went through life two different ways for 20 years, but once they got back together, they fell in love and are getting married. My mom and dad have been married for 17 years, and they are so happy and content. They aren't out looking for something else. They are happy, healthy, and have a family that they are raising, and it's almost raised;) [Only two more children to get into adulthood and out of the house;)] My grandma and grandpa have been married for 39 years, and they are so happy.

My conclusion of the day is, GO LOVE SOMEONE!! It doesn't have to necessarily be someone of the opposite gender, but find SOMEONE ELSE that you can care about more than yourself, that you can spend time with, and be happy with! Go to a nursing home, make some elderly person happy in their last days. Go to work at a daycare, care about some little children! Go to your local soup kitchen, care about the poor and less fortunate. When we put others above ourself, and love and care about them, it makes us ALL much happier people!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Lord is good!

Last night at the Youth Group meeting, we decided to play some music since a lot of our young people are involved in music. I was on the organ with Monique sitting beside me, singing, Laura was on the piano, Jared was on the drums, and Erin was singing. We were playing and singing "Revelation Song," and the Holy Ghost fell!! I could just feel a spirit of worship!

We didn't keep playing the song, but went on to some other stuff. When I got home, again, Erin and Monique were here singing, and I was playing piano. I started playing "I Bless Your Name" by Selah. I was just messing around cuz it's a fun song to play, but then Erin started singing. I started singing with her, and then I sang the second verse again. I kept singing the second verse....I could just FEEL the Lord!!

I'm so thankful that no matter where I am, I can get in touch with God! There is no greater feeling in the world than entering the presence of the Lord! Since I got my piano, the one thing I've really wanted is for the Holy Ghost to fall in my living room while I was playing and singing. I just want to get to that level of worship. It was so amazing last night!

Anyways, THE LORD IS GOOD!!!! Never fail to give Him glory and honor!!

Friday, March 18, 2011


I am so incredibly, and utterly SAD!!!!!!! Erin is leaving tomorrow!!! :'( This week has been SO MUCH FUN!! I can't believe she's actually leaving tomorrow!! This week hasn't gone as fast as I thought it would, thankfully!! (She just told me it when faster than she thought it would)

This week has had a few EXTREMELY memorable moments. One of the things that I didn't expect as much was how much Erin and I resemble each other. We literally look like sisters!!!

Ugh! Another thing that will be memorable is our accidental trip into Canada. I have to admit that it was pretty awesome actually being in Canada, but it was NOT cool trying to come back to the U.S.!!! When we went through the Canadian TRUCK DRIVER'S customs, Mom was like, "I'm lost!!!" So the man directed us over to this little building and mom went inside and got a little white piece of paper that said the reason we had left the U.S. was because our GPS took us that way and it was an accident. Well the guy in the customs was MEAN!!! I'm not trying to like talk bad about him, but seriously....look at that picture!! Do either me or Erin look like terrorists??? Does a twelve year old blonde kid in a white and yellow shirt look like a terrorist?? What about another girl wearing a UNITED STATES FADED GLORY SHIRT?!?!?! *sigh* anyways! He called this other guy and that guy came and told us we were going to walk into this other building, and Mom had to go park the car in this little parking lot. Well, I have to interject, I had on THE WORST SHOES EVER!!! Like I seriously looked WAAAAY mismatched!!!!! We had planned to go to the Falls, and then go to Hibachi afterwards. Soooo, I wore these uber-comfy black sneakers with black and pink laces....they're REALLY young and like, teenage girl/tom boy looking...first time I ever wore them! Ooooh plus!! Had on black nylons with WHITE socks!! And a green sweater.....reallllly ugly looking! lol So anyways, I was super embarrassed! I had some black heels to put on later, but I was just going to wear them after Niagara Falls. Yes, I am traumatized by the fact that I had to be seen with mismatching socks, shoes, and sweater.

So anyways, AFTER we got through U.S. customs, we went to Niagara Falls and IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!! I will NEVER get tired of going and looking at the wonder of God's creation! Then we went to Hibachi and it was GREAT as always! Must say though, I'm not too keen on being called "Baby Mama" by the chef because I was holding my cousin!!!!!!!! I told him that I wasn't "Baby Mama" but it took him a little while to understand that. So then, once he DID get it, he kept calling me "Not Baby Mama".....just can't win with that guy!!!:-p we were just basically lazy. I did teach Erin how to make apple pie though. I think that's one thing that every girl should know how to bake. Making something completely from scratch that is ABSOLUTELY delicious gives the greatest feeling of accomplishment! For dinner, Erin is making BBQ chicken, and she adds some things to baked beans to make them her own. Ooooh it smells SOOOOOO good!!!!!! Totally stealing her recipe!!!!:-p

Then tonight, we have youth group at the church, and we are going to have some music practice! FUN stuff!! I'll try to post some pictures later....right now I need to go start getting ready for youth group!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Niagara Falls and Hibachi

Weeellll, tomorrow, Erin, Elissa, Dakota, my dad, and me, are going to Niagara Falls, and then later on in the evening, we're going to Hibachi. I don't have to describe Niagara Falls, because most people know what it is, but on the other hand, Hibachi is AMAZING! It's a Japanese restaurant in Erie. On your table, they have the stove/grill thingy, and the chef cooks your food right in front of you. A few of the things they do is: Make a mountain of onion rings, cover it in oil, and set it on fire, spin an egg on a spatula, throw it up in the air, and crack it sideways on the spatula when it lands, and make all kinds of jokes. It's a very enjoyable meal! I'm so excited!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011


Well everyone, my last post marked ONE HUNDRED posts since the birth of "A Day in the Life of a Talkative Teen" on January 8, 2010. I hope that I can have another 100 posts LONG before a year and two months has passed. I want to try to blog a lot more than I did over the past year.

I know that some of the quizzes, and survey thing-a-ma-bobbers are just cheat posts in the eys of some people, but in a way it's just random little things about me that you may have never known otherwise.'s like "Getting to know the Author" type of stuff;-)

On to more important things! ERIN IS HERE!!!! She got here on Saturday. I seriously thought I was going to be sick because I was so anxious waiting for her to get to the baggage claim. Since it was her first time flying, everything was new to her. I was so worried that she was going to get lost trying to find the baggage claim!! I waited for I think about 10-15 minutes, and she arrived shortly after they put the luggage on the conveyor belt. We have been having SO MUCH FUN!

I feel bad for anyone who doesn't have her for a friend:-D I've laughed so much in the past few days! It's just....SO FUN!!!! :-D Tonight Laura is spending the night here at the house so I can't even imagine how fun it's going to be:-D Three crazy girls, up til the wee hours of the morning, and all hyper is a deadly combination;-)

Another AMAZING thing is.....Last night we had THE MOST AMAZING CHURCH SERVICE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! God has been moving in such a mighty way here in Titusville. Last night from the very first song practice, it was AWESOME! My uncle was practicing some songs, and then when it got to prayer time they just kept playing and singing because the Holy Ghost was so strong and was definitely in it! After "prayer" time, the service slowed down and we were just worshipping the Lord and basking in His presence. One of the songs we sang that has such an anointing was "Near the Cross." There's just something about it when that song is sang from the very bottom of one's heart. When someone truly means it there is such an anointing! The service did speed up again, and a WONDERFULLY AWESOME THING HAPPENED!!!! God filled Chip with the Holy Ghost!!! It was an indescribable moment when I looked over at him praying at the altar and you could literally see the Holy Ghost just get all over him! Watching someone be filled with the Spirit of the Lord is the most rewarding part of this life, in my opinion. I am SO happy for him!!! God has been waiting for him to get to this place for a long time:)

Annnnnndddd.....he's getting baptized on Wednesday, which also happens to be his birthday! Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! The Lord is SO GOOD TO HIS PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

YAY!!!! and Five Question Friday

*pats self on the back* I did it!!! I posted two days in a row!!! You know what that means?? I'm starting to not procrastinate as much!! Just getting out there and DOING IT!! Well you all, this is a very special Friday indeed, for me. ERIN WILL BE HERE IN LIKE 32 HOURS!!!!! I SO CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Do you know what your REAL hair color is? Well sadly, it's dark dark brown, with streaks of silver here and there. I like the dark brown, but the silver I could have waited another 15 years for.

2. Do you plan ahead for summer, or fly by the seat of your pants? I don't think we've ever planned our summer out. So I guess we just go with the flow....I think sometimes we know that we're going to certain conferences, like AYC or Heritage, but we don't really "plan" anything.

3. What is your favorite meal to cook? Oooh well since you asked, I LOVE making homemade mashed potatoes!!! So I guess my favorite meal would be mashed potatoes, deer steak (learned howto cook them from my daddy) and some sort of vegetable. I haven't done it in a while, but I used to make homemade bread Saturday morning and then we'd have that for dinner with the rest of the meal. I love feeling like I accomplished something;-)

4. Do you get offended by not receiving thank yous? It depends on how much out of my way I went for someone. If it's something small like reaching over and handing them something, then no I don't care if they say "thank you" or not. But if I really go out of my way, it's nice to hear that they appreciated. Chances are that if they don't say "thank you" after that, I probably won't do many things for them because I know they won't appreciate it.

5. How did you meet your best friend? Well, I have a couple of best friends. It's kinda weird but like they're all my best friends at different levels. The first would be Laura, and I met her when I was born I guess. Just grew up with her being older than me but always around. And then Moniuqe, I grew up with her. Her mom babysat me a lot when I was little. It's funny how I still seem to be around a lot, Mama K;) Then I met Erin I think almost 5 years ago at Camp Niangua in Missouri. And then last, but certainly not least, I met Jonah in Colorado this past July at the Summer Heritage conference.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

10 Things about me!

1. I love the Lord, and I'm proud to be a Christian!:)

2. I'm a chronic procrastinator.

3. I LOVE fixing hair!

4. I'm a borderline Tetris addict (don't judge until you've played it!)

5. I have a new-found love of SHOES CLIPS!!

6. I LOVE playing piano and singing!

7. I'm addicted to smilies :-/ Allll sorts of smilies :-D

8. My favorite holiday is Valentine's day! I just love all the love in the air around that time:-D Almost like Christmas:-p

9. I have THE BEST parents in THE WORLD!! And they're pretty cool too;)

10. I hate for people not to like me. I'm a permanent optimist...I tend to believe that even the most hateful and cruel people can be changed with enough love. Even though it's good to be optimistic and see the best in people, sometimes it's bad thing because when I DO discover that a terrible person isn't going to change, it's like a ton of bricks and crushes me.

Ooooh and I have AWESOME news!:-D In 2 days, yes, Saturday, my TWIN Erin is going to be here!!!!!!! I absolutely CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! And then in April, another one of my very best friends, Jonah, will be coming to visit for a week! I have a lot to look forward to;)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Sooo.....I have a question for you all!! Did you make any New Year's Resolutions?? How well are you keeping them?? Well thanks for letting me know that you aren't keeping yours either. Now I feel a bit better about admitting something pretty obvious. I have NOT been keeping mine...particularly the one about blogging three times a week. *clears throat*
And you know how with, say exercise, you can't just jump right back to where you left off?? Well since I'm trying to start easy so as to not wear out and hurt myself, I'm doing a cheat post as my first post back:-D Doing a 5QF, 5 Question Friday!!

1. Have you ever forgotten your child in a store or at school? Well since I have no children, my answer would have to be no. I'm sure someday I will tho....:-p

2. Where did you go on your very first date? (Like...first first, not first with your spouse or current significant other!) Very first date was to Chick-Fila with my bestest friend for Valentine's Day!

3. What's your "silly" fear? (We're not talking water and heights.) Ok don't laugh at me!!! It's a really silly fear and it's irrational with no cause....I just am. I'm REALLY scared of men with facial hair!! They're just really creepy looking and I don't like to be around them! I'm also scared of concrete balconies like on business buildings and stuff, and I'm scared of bridges. I'm so afraid that they're gonna break or something....

4. Confrontation: do you cause it, deal with is as it comes, or run far far away?
Depends on the situation....Usually just deal with it as it comes. If it's something that's uncomfortable than I ruunnn!!! If it's something like somebody saying mean things than I run TO the confrontation to tell the bullies to knock it off...just depends.

5. Wood floors or carpet?
I think a mix would be nice. Have wood floors in some rooms, carpet in others. Probably would want wood floors in the kitchen and dining room cuz it's easier to clean up messes. The rest of the house, carpet.