Friday, December 24, 2010

Hello everyone! Though I haven't posted in approximately 2 weeks, I finally decided to post today and wish you all a very merry Christmas! In the midst of all the craziness, shopping, and frantically wrapping presents, don't forget the reason we celebrate Christmas! Yes, I know that we celebrate Jesus year round, but Christmas is the day we celebrate when He came into the world as a little baby boy. When He put on the flesh of humans, and decided to come down and grow up like us small people so that one day He could die on the Cross to take away the sins of the world.
The other day I was listening to a local Christian station, and one of the Christmas songs they played was, "He Made a Way in a Manger." I immediately fell in love with the song, if that's possible.

Longing for a Savior
A hopeless world would wait
Sin demanded justice
At a price we could not pay;
But God displayed his mercy
The greatest gift of love
When we could not reach heaven
Heaven came to us.

He made a way in a manger
A way to the cross
Messiah the promised
Before time had begun;
For God so loved this world
Though he knew what love would cost
He made a way in a manger
To make a way to the cross

In Bethlehem a stable
Became a throne of grace
As God himself our Savior
Drew near to take our place;
His mother smiled in wonder
As shepherds stood in awe
The sacrifice of heaven
Lay sleeping in the straw.

He is the life that died our death
The precious Lord Jesus
Laid down his sweet head
Thank you for taking the time to read this blog! Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy this beautiful time of year and make sure you let all of the people in your life know how much you love them!=)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas or Xmas??

Ok, I'm taking a deep breath right now before diving into this subject.

This year I've seen blog posts and gotten emails about "Xmas." Both saying "Don't take Christ out of Christmas!! It's CHRISTMAS not XMAS." I realize that some people, while reading this at their computers, might scrunch up there face, do the whole "whatever girlfriend", or just plain not read it, but I beg to differ that saying "Xmas" is taking Christ out of Christmas.

I found this while looking up the origin of "Xmas." It comes from in their article about Xmas NOT taking Christ from Christmas.
You’ve heard the classic story about the little boy who noticed the huge red-and-green sign spray-painted on a department story: "Happy Xmas." And he wondered aloud about the X. Why was it X-mas? And finally, in a forlorn voice, he asked his dad: "Did they cross Christ out of Christmas, Daddy?" And the father had never thought of it that way before, but finally nodded. "Yes, Son, I guess they did." And it makes you think.

According to, Xmas means "The abbreviation Xmas for Christmas dates from the mid 16th century. The X is the Greek letter chi, the initial in the word Χριστός ( Christos ) “Christ.” In spite of a long and respectable history, today Xmas is offensive to many, perhaps because of its associations with advertising."

So technically, those who say "Xmas" in lieu of "Christmas" because it's politcally incorrect, are actually putting Christ in Christmas either way:) For myself, I prefer Christmas because there is no mistaking Christ being the main part of Christmas, but those who say Xmas are NOT "crossing out Christ in Christmas"

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Ok ya'll!! I am a terrible friend!! First I missed mentioning my dear friend Erin, and that she is one of my very dearest friends! Now---:'( I missed Miss Meagan's birthday!! I feel so bad for missing it so I decided I would post about it and try to make up for it! She turned sweet 16 yesterday!! If you all wanna help me make it better, stop over by her blog,, and wish her a happy 16th birthday!!

I met Meagan through her blog and we have become fast and good friends! Meagan is one awesome teenage girl! She doesn't bend to the rules of what a teenager should be. She has a successful and really awesome blog, she has a desire to see the lost saved, and she has a dream in her heart to be a missionary in Ireland. Most teenagers are worried about having the latest techno toys, latest fashions, and finding a boyfriend. Not Meagan=D So yeah, she's an awesome girl! I love you Meagan!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


My dear blog readers, I have made a terrible "oopsie." In my Thanksgiving post I named off the people who keep me sane...I forgot a VERY important and dear friend....Miss Erin!! Erin is an amazing girl...she has gone through a LOT in her life. As of right now, she is pretty much raising her 7 year old sister, and she is taking care of her teenage brother as well. She is going to medical school on top of all the things she does at home. And if you ever needed someone to talk to....Erin's your girl. The Lord has blessed her greatly with an anointed voice that she uses for Him. Erin is a prayer warrior. If I have something I need or am worried about, I know that Erin will be praying. She is connected to the Holy Ghost, and is basically just one awesome child of God. She is another one of my very best friends....we are so much alike that it's almost scary sometimes:-/ I'm just's not scary at all....well for us it isn't. But with the way our minds work, if you get the two of us together it might be scary for anyone around us;-) Which brings me to my next little subpoint about her....she is most likely coming to visit me in March!! If everything goes as planned she'll be here for one wonderful, fun, and AWESOME week!!!! Watch out T-ville here comes the evil duo!!;-)