Monday, January 31, 2011

Oh. My. Goodness!! The Lord is faithful! Church on Saturday and Sunday was AMAZING!! I can't even describe to you how much the Lord moved in our service. From the very first prayer that was prayed in the prayer service to the last song that was sang in the altar service, the Lord moved and worked on people's hearts. Bro. Cormier can play the piano like nobody's business and Bro. Dwayne, his son, can absolutely TEAR UP the drums!

After service we went into the fellowship hall that was freshly painted, cleaned, and set up by the wonderful saints of God and the amazing pastor and first lady of our church. Had a great time fellowshipping and serving the food, drinks and desserts to people. There's is absolutely nothing like being around God's people and having good, clean fun was delicious food!! Donny, a friend of my uncle, volunteered to make the food for us, just because he likes helping people. It was great and it was so nice of him! Thank you Donny!:-)

After eating, a bunch of us went out and played music and sang. That was also SO MUCH FUN! It was awesome because although we were just messing around with the music, the Holy Ghost was still moving in the jam session! I could TOTALLY feel God in the music! I felt like having church all over again;-)

On Sunday, we had another service, more fellowship, and more musical fun!:-D We learned a few new songs from Bro. Cormier...he has some GREAT music! And he's amazing on the guitar! The Lord has really blessed him!

Well ya'll, there's my weekend! It was AMAZING!! Oooh! I got super exciting news!! My Dad is supposed to be preaching a youth ralley in Mississippi in May, and he also might make a few other "pit stops" at some other churches! I can't wait! I asked to go with him and he said "Probably." I'll be his traveling musician;-) I'm so excited! I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for this year!

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Ya'll, I am SOOO excited!! Today...Bro. Tim Cormier and his son are coming to our church! We're supposed to have Bro. Kelly from Ohio and I think he his bringing some of his men over, too. We are gonna have us a good, Holy Ghost time!

It's been a while since we had a visiting preacher for more than one service, and even longer since we had visiting saints from another church. I am SO thankful for good fellowship!! It's gonna be AWESOME!

Bro. Cormier and his son will be here tomorrow as well=D So if you're in the area, stop up to the church and check it out;-) Church starts at 2:30 today and at 12:30, I believe, tomorrow! You won't be disappointed in the Lord-He shows up everytime!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Today I want to take a minute to remember my dear friend, Nicholas Masiker. It was 4 years ago today that he was tragically killed in a car accident during a snow storm. Since that day he has been greatly missed by all, but especially his family-the ones who cared about him and love him most. He was a greatly talented young man, and we were fast on our way to be coming best friends when he went to be with the Lord. You know, a lot of people say "went to be with the Lord" as a polite way of saying that someone has passed. With Nicholas, all those who knew him know that he truly went to be with the Lord. Words cannot express how much he is missed, loved, and how much he will continue to be missed. Please remember to pray for the Masiker family during this very tough time.
I know that ya'll read my blog, so please know that I love you and think of you all the time, even if I don't say it. You are a very special family to me and I can't ever thank the Lord enough that we moved to Pleasantville where we are so close to our wonderful friends.
Well ya'll, it looks like I was born into a family of explains my talent for writing so well! It's a wonder I didn't think of it myself;-)

First my Mama came out in December of 2008 as an excellent blogger. Through the years at school, my sister Elissa proved herself to be an excellent writer. From short stories in English to a HUGE English report in 12th grade, she wrote wonderfully. Now, she has her own blog as well. But, surprisingly, it's not for writing, rather its for photography! That's right-my sister is a writer AND she takes wonderful pictures!

After that, you have my wonderful Daddy, who just recently started a political blog. It shows his mind for politics as well as his hilarious, and quite warped sense of humor. Would ya'll do me a favor and show his blog some love?? Even if you're not into politics, you can just stop by, read the two or three articles he has up and leave:) I'm sure the traffic will be greatly appreciate=)

And then, out of the brilliant family of writers comes....ME!! The not-so-brilliant writer that is trying to have a successful blog. I would describe myself more as a I-want-to-be-a-brilliant-writer-so-I-write-everything-I-think-about type of writer=P But I guess that's the way to go. I look at Mary's blog, and she writes random things about her day, does a once a month thing where she promotes a good single guy and a beautiful lady, and also does a few, but very deep spiritual posts. And I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE her blog!!

Well to be honest the reason for this post was to promote my Daddy's blog, but looks like I promoted quite a few blogs. PLEASE go check out their blogs...yes, that means YOU;-)
Nobody likes to have a blog that is rarely visited, and when it DOES actually get read no one leaves comments=D So go check out my family and dear friend!=D

Love ya'll!!

Btw, the names above of the blogs are actually clickable. The reason I state that is because I would be the one on a blog going, "Well they're telling me about these amazing blogs, HOW IN THE WORLD DO I GET THERE?!?!?!" So yeah, I figured I would save anyone the trouble of wondering in case there's anyone out there that is nearly as "blonde" as me;-)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

"With Jesus, nothing is broken beyond repair"

Matthew 12:20, "A bruised reed shall he not break, and a smoking flax shall he not quench..."

Tonight Pastor Anthony preached out of this text. As always, he preached an awesome message! He was talking about in the Bible days they would make musical instruments out of the reeds that grew naturally. I think reeds were the equivalent of golden rod or another wild plant that grows-it was every where. In those times, if the reed wasn't functioning properly, the shepherd or whoever had it would just break it and throw it to the side. It had little value to them, and was easy to come by. Isaiah, or as Matthew says, Esaias, prophesied of the Messiah and he said that when the Messiah came, he wasn't going to break the bruised or disfunctional reed. In types and shadows, we are the reeds and we are bruised and messed up. But Jesus isn't going to just toss us aside.

The next part of that verse says "and a smoking flax shall he not quench..." The amplified version of that says, "And a smoldering, dimly lit wick He will not quench..." He likened that to a saint of God who is struggling...they're just a smoldering wick now-not like the fire they used to be. God isn't gonna snuff you out if He can still see the little smoldering bit of smoke.

No matter how bruised, or how dimly lit you've become, if you're still trying and you're doing the best you can to be victorious, God isn't going to just toss you aside or snuff you out. There is still mercy and grace in the house of the Lord:)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Ok ya'll, I am SO excited!! It's been, oh let's see...almost 3 years I do believe?? 3 years since I saw my awesome uncle. He's my mom's brother and he lives in Pittsburgh. You would think with him living only about 2 1/2 hours away that we would see him more often, but we don't. The last time we saw him was when my sister graduated and he was at her ceremony and party. he's coming to see us again!!! Unfortunately, his wife and twin daughters won't be with him, but we are so excited he's coming! It's been even longer since I saw my aunt Carla and the girls. I think it's been 6 years?? Yep that sounds about right. I don't know what we'll do today...probably sit around and talk, but it's gonna be so much fun!=D

On a sadder note, I am still doing so terribly with school work!! Does anyone feel like giving me a good kick to the behind? Maybe it'll get me moving. I don't know why it's so hard to catch up....I do have to say though, when my instructional supervisor told me that I'm a month behind in order to finish June 1, but that she wants us to finish then for our good, I was soooo relieved! She said it's not like if I don't finish by then I'll fail the grade, it's just better for students if they get the whole summer off. So yes, I feel more relaxed, but I'm still sluggish with catching up...*sigh*

Well now that I've informed you of my terrible habit, I must go so I can try to catch up. Til next time!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Well, I missed my own anniversary! Man! I don't even wanna know what it's gonna be like when I have important things like that to remember all the time!

Well, I bet you're anxiously sitting at the edge of your seat wondering just what anniversary I missed. It was the first anniversary, too!! Isn't that like the most important one until the 5 year?? Well anyways, it was the first anniversary of the day my blog and I joined and formed this relationship!!

That's right! January 8, 2010 I posted the first ever blog post for "A Day in the Life of a Talkative Teen." Since then, I have posted 84 times, approximately 7 times a month. Which is so not accurate because there were months I posted like once and then there are months when I've posted like 10 times. But if I continue to post steadily like I've start out doing this year, I should have a great big number to tell you all at the end of the year!=D

Anyways, just wanted to wish myself a happy anniversary!=) Thank you to all my faithful readers! You guys give me the extra shove to keep posting and to be faithful about it!=) Looking forward to a great year with you all, and hopefully you all will start letting me know you read *ahem* comments *ahem*

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My love story

Someday, I hope to have a love story like this one. Just about every time I hear this song it makes me cry and cry. It's such a good song, but so incredibly sad at the end when...well, you can listen and find out why the ending is so sad for yourself=)

Click here to listen to "Walking her home"

Monday, January 10, 2011

What are you eating??

Well everyone, I've come to give you probably my very favorite breakfast recipe EVER!! When I tell you the ingredients, many of you will probably say, "Ewww!!!" But I'm telling you it's amazingly good!! So if you're one of those people that will take a chance with what you're eating, you won't be disappointed! For those of you who do NOT take chances with food....I'm sorry that you're missing out on this delicious little breakfast;-) Oh and one more thing! I was going to take pictures and post them but I didn't have one for breakfast this morning, and I didn't want to wait to post the recipe because it's been a few days since the last post=D

So here are the ingredients:
1 egg
1 cinnamon and raisin bagel
one slice of cheese (probably best to use American or Velveeta (what I use)
To make the sandwich, make one egg over-easy. While the egg is cooking you should put your bagel in the toaster. After the bagel is toasted, put the mayo and ketchup on it. Usually when I make the sandwich my egg is done before the bagel so I put the slice of cheese on the egg to melt it some. After both are done, put the egg on the bagel, and your sandwich is complete!! Just a quick warning for anyone who may try this, it is VERY, I repeat VERY messy! So be prepared with a plate and some napkins...otherwise you'll have egg yolk all over your table or all over you!
Hope you enjoy!
Sincerely, your chef;-)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

How to avoid being a victim

Well today I was on Yahoo and noticed one of the featured articles was called "How Thieves Guess Your Social Security." Obviously interested, I clicked on it and watched the minute-and-a-half video. It's an interesting piece of information so I figured I would post it on my blog in case it could help someone NOT be a victim of identity theft. So please, take two minutes out of your day and watch the video:)

Click HERE to watch it.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Recently I was reading Meagan Rowell's blog and she directed everyone to read an article by Bro. Marty Ballestero called "If You Were a Gentleman." I'm going to do the same and suggest everyone read it! Bro. Ballestero knows what a gentleman should be like and I'm just WAITING for him to write one about "If You Were a Lady." The Lord knows that I need as much direction on that as I can get!

Speaking of being a lady, my pastor's wife is a lady if I ever did see one!! She's also my grandmother which I stated in the last post, so I get to enjoy her leadership both ways=) I love you, Grandma!!=D

P.S. Click the names of the blog and the article;)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Oh wow!! I simply cannot believe it!! It's now 2011...amazing!! It seems like just yesterday we were at Sam's restaurant bringing in 2010. I had on this ridiculously cute headband that had two stars standing up on these twisty wires that said "Happy New Year" on each one. We did this play...can't remember exactly what the play was, but I of course got the talkative and dramatic part;) Seems like those are always the roles I get in plays...I wonder why?? Hmm...

Last year had to be one of the best years of my life. The great parted started in June, I think it was, when God started changing me. The next part that was awesome was in July at Apostolic Youth Conference when Bro. Jonathan Alvear preached about the cross and I got a revelation of the cross like I've never had before. And the most awesomest (yes I just said, awesomest) thing that happened last year was my trip to Colorado Springs. That conference was sooooo amazing! There was such a change in my life from it. And while I was there, I met one of the most awesome people ever! His name is Jonah:) He's been such a good friend to me and I don't think that I'll ever meet another person like him. He has such a zeal for the kingdom of God and is greatly used of the Lord:) He has an amazing testimony, and if you ever get the chance to meet him you should ask about it:D

In the past year the one part of my life that I'm sooo greatful for is all of my friends. I just can't thank the Lord enough for all of my Godly friends that are an encouragement to me. When I look at the past year I see some times that I was down and discouraged and I see the people that love me praying for me and talking to me. I'm just an awe at how much the Lord blessed me this past year. I'm SOOO looking forward to this next year!!

There are some awesome things that will hopefully (Lord, PLEASE LET THEM HAPPEN!!) be happening. The first will be this month. My aunt should be finding out whether that little baby that she's gonna be having is a boy or girl. Then, Bro. Cormier and his son will be coming at the end of the month for two special services. Totally pumped about that!! Bro. Cormier is awesome! The next will be in March. My DEAR friend and long-lost twin, Erin, should be coming, and also, another gal from her church, Alexis, will most likely be coming with her:D Then in May there are two very special things that are probably happening, but I can't tell about them quite yet because nothing is definite. In late May or June, my aunt should be having the little baby:D

In July, we obviously will be going to Apostolic Youth Conference. Then, another thing I'm praying will happen!! I'm praying we go to Summer Heritage again. That was just such an awesome experience and we met so many wonderful people. This year, quite a few more people from my church are planning on attending. My grandparents, also known as Pastor and Pastor's wife, should be going! I'm SOOO excited about that!! There's something very special about knowing that your pastor and his wife are there with you when you're far away from home:D

THEN, in October, my birthday which is always special:D And then another thing in November that I can't tell because again, nothing is definite. So I have a LOT to look forward to and I'm so excited about it!

So did anyone make resolutions this year? The other day my mom asked if I was going to make any and I said no. She told me that she read some where if you write down your resolutions that you're more likely to keep them. So I have this huge list of things I'm gonna be working on to improve myself:D


P.S. One of my resolutions is to blog at least 3 times a week so stayed tuned for lots of blog posts;)