Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Babblings About My Day Thus Far

Well, here I am, sitting at home at 9:36 am on a school day. Reason: A gas leak at the school. Who'da thunk that we'd get to school and begin our day, then get sent home?

It started as we were going through our morning routine at school. We all line up, go out to the restrooms, then do what we call "morning exercises." They're not actually exercises. We say our pledges, read our monthly Scripture, then we pray. We didn't get to the prayer part because of the fumes coming from the furnace in the church.

So, we were evacuated into the parking lot where we stood around waiting for our parents to come and get us. Poor Sister Melinda. She's stuck there until the Schmidt guy leaves :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Will the Disasters Ever End??

So, we all know that I'm an accident waiting to happen in the kitchen. Let me tell you about my experience from the other night, before I tell you about today's experience.

I decided to make home made snicker doodles. (Thanks for the recipe Laura!) When I was getting the ingredients out, however, I realized that we had just short of two cups of sugar. We were all really craving cookies, so I decided to make them anyways. The solution to the problem: 1/8 of a cup of brown sugar. If you've ever made snicker doodles with the recipe I have, you'll know that forming the cookies involves rolling them into balls, then smashing them down.

My BIG problem came about when I was rolling the cookies. The kept sticking to my hands. I thought that maybe I didn't have enough flour. So, I added more flour. That did NOT help. So, more flour....more flour....more flour...more, well, you get the picture. All in all, we (my mom tried to help me) ended up adding 1 cup or more of flour.

I don't know if you've ever had sweetened bread, but that's what these babies tasted like. I didn't have any sugar left for cinnamon and sugar, so I made sugar cookies with little green sprinkles. Ugh! I can still feel them in the bottom of my stomach. It was like putting sugar in a bag of flour, adding some milk, then trying to shove them down your throat!

Well, right now I'm in the process of making the snicker doodles again. (This time with all WHITE sugar!) My dad, my brother, the parent neighbors on the left, and the father of the family across the road were my first cookie devourers. My dad went inside to get a glass of milk, as is his tradition for any type of sweets. After giving Brian a cookie, (neighbor across the road) I headed inside to see what my dad thought of the cookies. (Did I mention that Brian just happened to grab the cookie with a burnt edge?!?!?!) I asked Dad what he thought of the cookies. I had one myself, and I thought they might have been a little dry. Dad agreed. So, I gave my neighbors dry cookies.

The problem was easily fixed, however, by turning the heat down just a tad, and only baking one dozen of cookies at a time. On my third dozen, I forgot to smash the cookies down, so we had little lumps of cookie dough and cinnamon. :0)

I'm happy to report, however, that the last two dozen I baked are delicious! :) The little tiny dough balls weren't that bad either : )

Sunday, March 14, 2010

How much salt did ya say?

First of all, let me apologize to all my faithful readers. They've faithfully been reading the same blog post for about a month now :D I'm a procrastinator, and I know it, but I just...procrastinate doing anything about it. : )

Here's a story about me. You should know, I love to cook and bake. I like making anything from cookies to bread to boxed brownies. About four years ago, my dad had a hankering for some peanut butter no-bakes. Dad called Damian, a guy he worked with, and got Damian's girlfriend's recipe for them. Because I love my daddy so much, and because I'm a daddy's girl, I told him I would make the no-bakes. So, I made them and put them on the counter to set. A little while later, Mom came out into the kitchen, and I asked her to taste them for me. As soon as the little smidgen of no-bake touched Mom's tongue, a look of horror crossed her face. "Um, how much salt did you put in these?"

Because I was about 11, common sense hadn't really set in. You would think that I would have not made this mistake and checked a little closer than what I did, but me in all my wonderful chef-ness replied, "Eight teaspoons"

I was sure that's what the recipe said, so we check a little closer and realized that it said 1/8 of a teaspoon. When I was mixing the no-bakes, I must have only seen the eight or something. So, needless to say, we did NOT have peanut butter no-bakes as we had wanted! I've been teased for years over that, but it doesn't bother me anymore.

I've had many misfortunes while cooking. There are so many of them that it would take up a whole page to tell them all. Like the bread that turned out 6-7 inches tall because I forgot to let it rise the second time. Or the two tablespoons of salt in my white chocolate chip cookies (those were edible.) Or the Velveeta shells that I forgot to drain before I put cheese in them...that was the other day :-/ Or maybe the time when I made nine scrambled eggs...to this day, I HATE scrambled eggs! Blech! : ) I think you get the picture :P Not all of my food has turned out bad. If you ask my mom, I'm actually not a bad cook. I just forget to put some of the ingredients in, or I over-remember to put some in. lol Well, there ya go Sister Brenda : )

I'll try to be more faithful in my posting. A lot of the reason that I don't post, is because I don't really have any ideas. I have some, but they require research, and like I said, I'm a procrasinator : )

Love you guys!