Friday, June 15, 2012

A. Age: 17 and 3/4 years
B. Bed size: Twin because I have no need for a bigger on quite yet
C. Chore that you hate: my room? It's not a specific chore, just a specific room that I hate.
D. Dogs: I like big dogs...I kind of DESPISE yappy, small dogs though. 
E. Essential start to your day: Brushing my teeth, drinking a cup of coffee
F. Favorite color: RED!
G. Gold or Silver: Probably silver 
H. Height: 5’4
I. Instruments you play: Piano and organ. I can semi-play the drums...very, VERY basic :)
J. Job title: Student, novice Ebay seller
K. Kids: ARE ADORABLE!! And I don't have any yet.
L. Live: Northwestern PA, soon moving to Midwestern, PA
M. Mother’s name: Josanne (isn't it lovely???)
N. Nicknames: Hun (pretty much all family members) Amberello (kid at school), Pin-head (another kid at school) Heather, (Don't ask why!!!) and Jamal.
O. Overnight hospital stays: Never, thankfully!
P. Pet peeves: Biggest pet peeve is people who make pretty much ANY noise while they're eating. Any repetitive noises. Teenagers that feel entitled to be treated a certain way
Q. Quote from a movie: but I have quotes that I say all the time and I don't know exactly where I picked them up. The first is when someone is slightly hyper I'll say "Alright, you need to calm down, sir. You're gettin a little outta-hand." There other is when someone makes a statement I don't agree with or generally says anything I'll say "LIES!"
R. Right or left handed: Normal-handed?? Just kidding! ;-) Right.
S. Siblings: Older sister, Elissa, younger brother, Dakota.
U. Underwear: Are good to wear!! Especially clean ones in case you get in an accident ;-)
V. Vegetable you hate: Not a fan of pickles. Which are technically a vegetable, but are considered a condiment in this crazy, modern day society. 
W. What makes you run late: Being ready to leave but waiting on my parents to leave because I can't drive without one of them yet.
X. X-Rays you’ve had: Teeth and lungs. They thought I had pneumonia. 
Y. Yummy food that you make: I make lots of yummy foods!! :) Apple crisp, apple pie, coffee cheesecake squares, homemade chocolate cake, mashed potatoes....the list goes on :)
Z. Zoo animal: Polar bears, penguinos and sea lions!


Mary Frances said...

Glad to see your finally BACK to bloggin!!! Shall I be seeing you at HERITAGE this year?!

Phil said...

"...despise YAPPY, small dogs." Yes. So true.

Jennifer Connell said...

Hi Amber! I came across your blog today and thought I would say hi! My name is Jen and I'm a PK in Ca...I think my dad knows your dad. Just thought I would introduce myself and say hi!! :) Take care!