Monday, January 2, 2012

Hey I'm back!

....Ahem.....hey! Over here. Yeah.....I"m that blogger that you forgot has a blog. I'm also the blogger that forgot I have a blog....Sorry!!! It seems to be a reoccuring trend with me. Blog faithfully for a while, big event happens, I stop blogging for a few months. I'm not even going to apologize though! I have been busy being!!!

I have started public school, and honestly, I love it!!! It has been somewhat of an adjustment for me. Not really a culture shock, but I have been introduced to the "real world" in the sense that I have discovered what people really are. They backbite, the spread rumors, they are two-faced. They act like they're your friend, than talk about you right in front of your face to someone else about how much they don't like you. BUT-It's life, and I realize that. No, it's not something I WANT to happen, but guess what---IT DOES! I have discovered this, and now I just live with it. In the worlds of my father, "I live a life where the only thing they can say bad about me is 'that girls thinks she's better than everyone----she won't talk bad about other people.'" That has been my goal since that conversation. I want the only "fuel for their fire" to be that I'm "that Jesusfreak" (YES! someone said that about me, and I LOVE IT!) or that I'm that girl that is friends with all the weird people.

It's now the new year, and a few of my "Resolutions" are quite simple. I'm actually not much of a "resolution" or "goal" kind of person. But, my resolutions for this new year are very straightforward. 1-Faithfully invite, and bring people to church. 2. Keep my GPA at 3.5 AT LEAST. 3. Get IN SHAPE!! Yes, round is a shape, but I'd rather not be round;-)
Do you have any resolutions?

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